Take Notes Easily and Privately While Learning on Your Desktop

Slippod is a simple, privacy-first note-taking app designed specifically for your desktop. Effortlessly capture notes while you read, watch, or listen. Perfect for focused work, Slippod helps you organize your thoughts without distractions.

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Slippod App User Interface

Meet Slippod


Catch new ideas the moment you get inspired

Slippod accompanies right next to what you read, watch or listen. Write down what you don’t want to forget or think you might use in your own thinking or writing.

Slippod benefit no. 1


Review and refine new ideas against the olds

Slippod makes it easy to pull up new ideas alongside the old ones for review and refinement. It makes addition, modification, deletion or connection of ideas work intuitive.

Slippod benefit no. 2


Develop your topics, questions and researches organically

Slippod is designed for developing ideas in a bottom-up approach. The more you become interested in something, the more you will read, think, and note about it, leading to more questions. Just follow your curiosity.

Slippod benefit no. 3

Essential Features of Slippod


True Privacy

Your data is stored locally using SQLite, ensuring you truly own your data. The only server interaction is for license verification, nothing more.


Top-Notch UI/UX

Enjoy a polished, user-friendly experience inspired by the acclaimed Things 3 app. Write notes quickly with our Twitter-like interface, making note-taking as easy as sending a tweet.


Markdown Support

Use plain text or markdown for more sophisticated formatting, whichever suits your needs.


Bidirectional Linking

Effortlessly see connections between your notes with our linking feature.


Keyword-Driven Tagging and Linking

Add tags and links directly within your notes using keywords for seamless organization.


Desktop Focused

Designed for focused work sessions in a quiet, distraction-free environment.

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